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Merrylea Parish Church

Merrylea Parish Church, Merrylee Road, Glasgow, G43 2QZ

Class Times         Friday

Class Type    Time                               ( Price / lesson)/Pay for Full Term
1 Child & Parent/Carer (1-2yrs)  9.50am-10.30am                                                £5.50*
2 Child & Parent/Care (2-3yrs) 10.45am-11.30am                                               £5.50*
3 Ante Pre-School (3-4yrs) 12pm-12.45pm                                                     £6.50#
4 Pre-School (4-5yrs) 1pm-1.45pm                                                          £6.50#
There is the Option to come along for a set of 3 trial classes, to see if what is on offer is what you a looking for ———  £15.

A 10 % discount is available on a sibling’s fee who is also attending class(es) as indicated above – * / #.

Payment is on a term by term basis.  On the last day of each term a £10 deposit is required to secure a place for the next term.  This will be deducted from the term price.  fees require to be paid at the start of each term.

there are 4 terms over the year varying between  7 – 12 weeks ——the school term times are followed as much as possible.

Children can join classes at any point and payment will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Any holidays will be advised at beginning of term 1 and again at regular intervals on the noticeboard throughout the year.

Books CDs

Books and CDs

In the Colourstrings approach, the books named the ‘Rascals’ series are used.  This is a series of 3 books, with accompanying CD’s, which are used throughout the year.  Hopefully it will encourage parents/carers to sing with their baby, toddler or child in the class and then at home. Eventually, through repetition children will begin to sing along.

Books and CD’s are available for sale throughout the term.  No profit is made on these sales, they are sold at cost price. However if you order from me you will save on postage.