1. How long are the classes?

The 1-2yr old classes run for 40mins all other classes run for 45mins.


  1. How much are the classes?

All classes are £6 each.  Fees are paid on term by term basis, (pro-rata payment if you join half way through a term).

There is a 15% discount on the fee of any siblings who also attend classes

As the venue now requests payment in advance for the next term, on last day of term I ask that you can pay a £10 deposit please, this will of course be deducted from the cost of the next term fees —— Full payment to be paid on the first day back.     I would also ask please that you let me know if you are not planning to return.


  1. How do I choose what class my child should attend?

Example — If your child turns 2 before the 31st December then they would go into the 2-3yr old class etc —– however please call me to chat about you query.


  1. Can I come along even if it is part way through a term?

If there are places available in a class then you are most welcome. You can join at any time and fees are paid on a pro-rata basis


  1. What is the maximum numbers for each class?

Each class is limited to 12 children.


  1. What is the minimum numbers for each class?

Ideally 5 children for many reasons.  Children in order to get the best out of the learning experience not only do they learn from you but also they learn from their peers.  Also from a business angle I also need budget for costs such as hall hire etc.


  1. Can I bring along more than one child?

Yes of course you can. Any wee ones under 12 months who are coming along so that their sibling can attend class are free.  At Music Box we wish to encourage all family members to be engaged, to participate, to foster, experience and enjoy the wonder of the music world.


  1. What if my child misbehaves?

I am a mum of two children (8 and 10). I know all too well that there are times when do not behave the way that we as parents may wish them to. Please do not get upset about this as it is perfectly normal.  Each child takes their own time to settle into the “routine” of the class, it’s a new experience and children don’t really like change, however most adapt very quickly if they feel comfortable and are happy.


  1. How easy is it to access the venues and what facilities do they have?

All venues have disabled access which is also suitable for prams etc.  There is baby changing facilities at all venues, a waiting area with toys for the siblings (Merrylee church) and the all important availability in the kitchen (Merrylee church) to make yourself that very important HOT tea or coffee and socialise.  At the White Cart, Busby there is the restaurant area and the canteen at Tesco Silverburn for coffee etc.


  1. My child has special needs, are the classes still suitable?

Please speak to us about any concerns you may have and come long to see what we do.  Wherever possible we will try to adapt the teaching material to allow as much participation as possible.



  1. Do I leave or do I stay?

In the 1-2yr and 2-3yr classes parents/carers stay for the duration of the class.  We really encourage your participation and please don’t think you need to be an amazing singer ——-the important thing is your encouragement and enthusiasm!  It is also important, for the children to get the best out of the classes, to learn about the musical concepts and help overall early years development that this learning is also continued in the same fun way when interacting with your child on a day to day basis.  I am happy to advise on how you can adapt what we do in class to everyday activities.  Not wishing to sound like a task master but please try to understand that it is important that the adults remain focused on their child’s learning experience and try not to distract the children by chatting.


  1. Can I come along for trial?

Absolutely, just contact us and come along to see if what we offer is what you are looking for.  It can take up to 3 classes to really be sure if these classes are right for your child as it is new to them with lots going on so they might not be too comfortable to begin with but it is amazing how quickly they adapt despite not really liking change to their routine. A set of 3 classes is available (price on request).


  1. How do I book?

Please contact me by email or phone or use the link on the website.


  1. Will priority booking be given to existing participants for the next term?

If a class is full then priority booking will be given to participants already attending that class up to a specified date (usually 2 weeks before the next block is due to begin).  After this date, places will then be offered to participants on a waiting list.


  1. What is the Kodály approach to music education?

Please read the information posted on our website ‘The Science Bit’ – 1st part is relating to Primary school upwards and the 2nd part is related to early years (preschool)


  1. What are the benefits of participating in a structured quality music learning activity have in a child’s early years?

Extensive:  Please look at ‘The Science Bit’. on the website.


  1. Do you have public liability insurance?

I am an independent business and I am covered by the Musicians Union for public liability insurance, the limit for indemnity is £10,000,000.


  1. Are you registered with Disclosure Scotland?



  1. What about taking photographs?

In the 3-4yr and 4-5yr old classes’ parents are invited in to the last day of term class at Christmas and Summer so you can see what the children have been learning.  Some parents like to take photographs of their children during the class so I will ask you to complete a photography permission form when you register.  This information is completely confidential and only we have access to it.  Also on occasions I would like to take pictures and for our face book page.  However we will always show you these pictures and seek your permission prior to any postings.


  1. What form will I need to complete?

I will ask you to fill out a registration form which is important for a few reasons, (All information is held in the strictest of confidence and only accessible by me and are shredded at the end of a child attending class),

  1.   If  I need to contact you quickly ——– for example, as one venue is a church there maybe the rare  occasion that I have to cancel or make other arrangements such as coming in a different entrance, or change location for that day etc.
  2. Some children have allergies, health conditions or are on medication which maybe affecting them in some way on the day so a very brief note of this is appreciated as sometimes sweets or biscuits are offered to the children at the end of term, you may have to nip away for a while (more applicable to the ante-pre school and preschool classes) or someone else is bringing them to class and might not be fully aware of the situation.
     21.   Do you use any books or CD’s?
Books named the ‘Rascals’ series are used as part of the Colourstrings approach, (in certain locations.)  This is a series of 3 books, with accompanying CD’s, which are used throughout the year.  The intension is to encourage parents/carers to sing with their wee ones in the class and then at home.  Eventually, through repetition children will begin to sing along as well.

Books and CD’s are available for sale throughout the term.  No profit is made on these sales, they are sold at cost price (£7.50 each). However if you order from me you will save on postage.


Any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Dorothy Walker (July 2017)