What I Do

small musicboxkeyWhat can Music Box bring to your child?

“A musically stimulating   environment is likely to help children  make the best of whatever potential they may  possess.”(Coulter, 1995)

At Music box my aim is to foster a love and enjoyment for music.  The friendly, structured, interactive, fun, musical experience of the trip into the magical world called Musicland will develop children’s fundamental musical skills, the essential components for moving on to learning an instrument  later in life;    Pulse — Rhythm — Pitch

Music also touches many areas of early year’s development; speech, coordination, concentration, social skills, imagination, numeracy, literacy, confidence and many more!

In Music Box I use the internationally recognised methods developed by ‘Colourstrings’ Music Kindergarten, together with the sound educational principles of ‘Kodaly’.

I use a variety of simple percussion instruments and props to create an exciting and fun filled lesson for the children.

Benjamin Franklin said ‘Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll learn’ (Ilievski Jim , 2012).  For me Kodaly embraces participation, physical, proportionate and appropriate teaching bringing learning potential to it maximum. Who wouldn’t want to work with that vision which I believe is what the Kodaly approach is about!

Come along and see for yourself exactly what impact and power music has on our lives —– become as inspired by Kodaly as I am!

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