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Contact and Registration

Contact Dorothy

To register for classes, please complete the form opposite. Once you have received a confirmation email a cheque should be sent to the address in the email to book your place. Due to the short length of sessions we do not give refunds after the first day.

Your child should be the age of the class you are registering for at the start of the academic year (August) e.g. if your child turns 2 years in July they would be most suited to the 2-3yr class.  Contact me if you have any questions as to which class is more appropriate.

As the children grow, the classes change to meet each stage of the child’s development and their emotional needs. Ideally the children stay in the same class for the year so that they can establish close bonds with other children in the group which nurtures security and confidence.  Many children have made good friends through familiarity with the class and singing together parents and carers find friends too.


  • Classes cannot be confirmed until deposit (£10) has been received.
  • Check payment via post is acceptable, or via internet bank payments ( please use child’s name as reference).
  • Receipts will be not be issued unless specifically requested.
  • In the 1 / 2 year old, and 2 / 3 year old classes, all children must be accompanied by an adult to each class, and for the duration of the class.  In all other classes the children will come into the class on their own and there is an assistant/ helper.

You can contact Dorothy directly via:

  • Phone: 07584 634 819
  • Email: